why write this blog

I’m starting this project because I was inspired by Nicolas Cole’s book The Art and Business of Writing Online. Over the years I’ve accumulated some different skills related to online publishing and marketing simply because I like keeping up with trends in technology. I’ve played with websites and all sorts of different online business models. But frankly all of those things lose their appeal for me unless they serve as a vehicle for building meaningful skills that actually improve my life and can turn into a personal enterprise that improve other people’s lives as well.

Kevin Kelly’s article about 1000 True Fans fascinated me. As did Chris Anderson’s “The Long Tail”. But I’ve never stuck with one topic long enough to build any real momentum. Normally I am a fairly private person and the whole idea of becoming a personal brand held zero appeal for me, let alone striving to be a narcissistic ‘social media influencer’. No thank you.

Plus, what does one even write about? How can you tell if there is an audience for it? And how can you keep from feeling an imposter when writing about something that you’re not a true domain expert in. As a lifelong experimenter who’s already on his fourth (or fifth?) career, ‘imposter syndrome’ is a real issue for me.

Well, it seems like something clicked when I watched Dickie Bush on Brett Malinowski’s excellent WGMI podcast. And the surprising answer is that (apparently) you don’t have to be a domain expert to build a loyal and engaged tribe. Dickie started writing two years ago as an exercise in self-improvement when he was a trader with Blackrock. Since then he has successfully launched five separate businesses, all built on the momentum of the audience he built completely organically through online writing.

So this blog is my own attempt to do something similar. I don’t have a specific business goal, or any particular topics in mind. Honestly my main motivation is fairly selfish – I’m just looking for an outlet to learn something about myself. And I think best way to do that is by sharing some of my interests and favorite topics as an open letter to the internet.

Thanks for coming along on this ride with me!

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