the best hardware security key

Last year, most of the major hardware and web platforms started adopting the first major advancement in account security since passwords were invented. You’ve probaby heard of passkeys and maybe been prompted by your browser or by your Google account to add them. And don’t get me wrong, passkeys are great. But there is an even better, more secure, and more convenient option that has been around for a while – hardware security keys. I like the Yubikey, and there a few other alternatives too.

The best part is that all this passkey business on Microsoft, Google, and Apple platforms makes the hardware keys more compatible as well since the underlying technology is the same – WebAuthn. However Yubikey also has a couple other features under the hood. For example, sites that need one of those six digit codes that change every 60 seconds (TOTP – or time-based one time password) can be saved on the yubikey. That makes it incredibly easy to get it right from an app on your computer instead of fumbling with your phone, and also to keep it on a device that is separate from your ‘always on the internet’ connected device for better security.

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