one viral topic

As I’ve been looking across some top creators, I realized how focused on a single topic many of them are. Even the wide-ranging Tim Ferris is thematically centered on lifestyle experiments for self-improvement. And many are much more focused than that. Look at James Clear – everything is about one topic – building habits. One book. One blog.

Brendon Burchard has a huge audience that is all focused on self improvement, framed as high-performance.

So as I narrow the focus of this blog, it should be centered on a pretty narrow topic and presented in an engaging way.

The working topic right now will be on finding, using, and integrating into your personal process the best productivity tools.

I like the concept of treating the whole endeavor like a game, so I played with Dall-E until I got an avatar for Maven, the 8-bit android. Let’s help him build the skills to be a better android, and maybe even make a few dollars on the internet.

I was a little inspired by a habit tracking app called Habitify that attempts to gamify the process. Jane McGonigal made one as well called SuperBetter, with a book by the same name about gamifying self-improvement.

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