knowledge blindness

Fear is one of the first great obstacles people hit when they begin their journey of publishing online – whether they identify as a YouTuber, Instagram Influencer, internet marketer, Funnel Hacker, or any other ‘persona’ that creates and monetizes content on the internet. One of Justin Welsh‘s useful insights is that everyone is an expert in something. And while that is true, the way he says it really hits home.

1. Expertise is subjective

Everyone has their own story. You have lived a special, unique path that has led to where you are right now. Nobody can take that away from you and nobody else shares that one-of-a-kind path. So by definition, that makes you an expert in you. And with absolute certainty and conviction, you can share what you’ve done, what’s happened to you, and what you’ve learned from that. Even the experts get it wrong some of time. Some of them get it wrong most of the time. I mean licensed doctors, certified financial analysts, and other professionals who are highly qualified to give you personalized advice for what they think will work for you. But we’re not in that business. We are in the business of telling stories, sharing what worked for us, and maybe throwing out into the ether a cautionary tale or two

2. Expertise is not binary.

A typical fallacy is that you’re either an expert or you’re not. And that simply isn’t true. We are trying to find people we can connect with and people we can share insights with.

To do that, we don’t need to know everything about a topic. We just need to have one single piece of insight or information that someone out there needs. Doesn’t that lower the ‘expectations bar’ a little bit?

As Justin says, the question isn’t “Am I an expert or not?”. A better question is “To whom am I an expert?”.

3. You don’t need permission from anyone.

Nobody needs to tell you it’s ok to start putting yourself out there into the world. And actually, nobody else can do that for you. That permission has to come from within, and when it does…that’s already enough. Nobody who’s out there connecting with millions of followers has a certification that qualifies them to do that. Not Brendan Burchard. Not even Tony Robbins. The market as a whole, and each person individually decides if their message is worth listening to. But first you have to get past the fear of standing out from the crowd and letting your voice be heard.

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