a love letter to justin welsh

Justin Welsh is a real role model of mine. Over the past couple years he has built an incredibly engaged and enthusiastic tribe of ‘solopreneurs’. He walks the walk, and what I admire most is the way he speaks and writes with integrity and authenticity.

The industries of personal development and internet marketing and littered with fake gurus, false promises, and unrealistic expectations. It’s such a shame that all this subterfuge disguises the real gold of harnessing unbelievable advances in communication technology to connect with people who share your ambitions, have resources they would love to combine with yours, or who have problems that you could help them solve.

Anyway, Justin has inspired me to ‘play the long game’ and commit to a consistent habit of learning, publishing, getting feedback, and building something meaningful. It may take years to see some real progress, but he has convinced me the journey itself will be rewarding and fulfilling. Plus I believe the end result will be something far beyond what I can even imagine now. There is naturally some fear and initial resistance to writing in a way that gets instant feedback but as Justin says, “The bravest people are the ones playing the game.”

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